SmartFence and EliteFence are entering into a new era and exciting times are ahead of us!

We are merging both product brands into our new brand: EliteGarden Products. This new brand reflects our continued innovation in response to customer and market demand. The full brand merger will be complete in the summer of 2022 and so the countdown begins!

For our valued customers, these changes mean that from now and into the future EliteGarden Products will provide a larger choice of high-quality products for your garden and outdoor spaces.

SmartFence will contain all our flatpack, off the shelf, standard sized products.


EliteFence will continue to provide bespoke products that are custom-made to size and made to order.

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We encourage you to keep your eyes and ears open over the coming weeks and months as our brands fully merge. For those of you who are not familiar with our full story and how we came to life, the next few lines will provide you with some background on our Irish long history and our track record of innovation.

The SmartFence and EliteFence products came to life at the end of 2018, early 2019 and have since grown exponentially across Ireland. Both are strong sturdy metal fences and are weather resistant and maintenance-free meaning that you never have to treat or paint a fence again! Today, the extremely popular standard-sized DIY flat-packed SmartFence which replaces old rotten wooden fencing is available off the shelf in almost 100 DIY stores nationwide. It’s sister, EliteFence, is a bespoke made-to-measure and order alternative of the product and is popular with homeowners who are looking to build a new fence.

EliteForm Manufacturing

Our parent company, EliteForm Manufacturing Ltd., was established in 1974 by Victor and Georgina Whyte and traded as V. Whyte & Son Ltd until 2003 when the company was renamed as EliteForm. In the early years the principal activity was carrying out fabrication, repair and maintenance work for the local farming community. Since then, with a lot of hard work and investment, EliteForm has developed into the successful specialist engineering company it is today and under the leadership of Sandra Byrne, (Managing Director / Owner).

Wholly Irish owned, the company manufactures a variety of products for the commercial and garden sectors and with an eye to the future in energy. Projects include garage forecourts to elaborate building facades. In house R&D department to improve customer ideas and turn dreams to reality.