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Garden Fencing
30 November

What’s so “Smart” about the SmartFence DIY Fence Panels?

We have often been asked about what’s so, “Smart” about the SmartFence DIY fence panels. While we would love to tell you that the fence connects with all your smart devices, alas that’s not the case today. But, who knows, our team in R&D might find a way for it…

Garden Fencing
06 September

How To Build Beautiful Garden Border Fencing In 5 Steps

Beautiful garden border fencing can make your home look more stylish and enhance the appearance of your property. Besides, it also provides security and promotes privacy creating a cosy environment. And for you to start building garden border fencing on your own, there are a few steps you need to…

Garden Fencing
16 August

Decorative Garden Fencing Ideas to Ensure Beautiful Boundaries

Decorative garden fencing can transform your fence into a stunning garden feature and make it more than just practicality or privacy. The best decorative garden fence ideas can bring joy, definition and structure to your outdoor space. Decorative garden fencing ideas may not be the first thing that comes to…

Garden Fencing
02 August

Strong Fence Panels: Durability vs. Weather Conditions

Our home is our favourite place, our sacred space, and every single detail we add to it is always thought of with much care. More than simply giving your garden a beautiful look, having strong fence panels capable of withstanding the different weather conditions they are subjected to is an…

Garden Fencing
11 July

What to Consider when Buying a New Garden Fence

Buying a new garden fence involves more than just selecting a style. You must also consider many other aspects, such as what purpose it will serve, what sort of fence other homes in your neighbourhood have, how much you can spend, and any homeowner’s association restrictions that may limit or…

Garden Fencing
11 July

The best material for your garden fence: Steel vs Timber vs PVC

Choosing the best garden material for your fence can be less complex than you think when you are clear about why you need a fence. Determining the objective of your fence and defining your budget can assist you in deciding which of the different types of garden material will best…

Garden Fencing
07 June

Innovative Fence Post Brackets that don’t Interfere with your Neighbours

Picture a scenario where all you want is a great looking fence instead of a rotting wooden one without the fence post brackets interfering with your neighbour. Or maybe you’ve just moved into your new home in a housing estate and learn that you own only one boundary fence, the…

Garden Fencing
19 May

Metal Garden Fencing Ideas  

Metal garden fencing is the preferred fencing product of choice for many homeowners. Metal garden fencing products are a quick, easy and cost-effective way of transforming your outdoor garden into an elite, modern, maintenance-free environment while ensuring maximum security. 

Garden Fencing
09 May

Perfect Summer Garden Ideas To Embellish Your Home

With the temperatures rising, people start looking for summer garden ideas to create that unique summery atmosphere at home. Whether you are thinking about your family and kids or gathering friends, it is always exciting being able to enjoy the sunlight for long hours under pleasant weather. So, to help…