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What to Consider when Buying a New Garden Fence

published on 11 July 2022
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Buying a new garden fence involves more than just selecting a style. You must also consider many other aspects, such as what purpose it will serve, what sort of fence other homes in your neighbourhood have, how much you can spend, and any homeowner’s association restrictions that may limit or dictate the materials you choose. EliteGarden’s two maintenance-free fencing products cover everyone’s needs, from replacing standard wooden panels with SmartFence to designing a more bespoke solution with EliteFence. To help you buy a new garden fence that is the best fit for you, we have prepared a guide on what to consider beforehand.

Factors to consider before buying a new Garden Fence


The amount of money you will spend on a new fence may go beyond manufacturing and installation if you don’t choose a durable and long-lasting solution. To save money and time, go for maintenance-free garden fences. EliteGarden’s metal fencing products are cost-effective, DIY-friendly solutions that won’t require any maintenance or annual painting.

Safety and Security

Another essential aspect to consider when buying a new garden fence is the level of security it can provide. Your new fence must ensure your home is protected against thieves and keep your children and pets safe in the garden. Kids and pets run around a lot, sometimes unsupervised, so your garden fence needs to work as a strong restrainer so they won’t accidentally run into the street. Turn your garden into a private and safe haven or you and your family.

Replacing a fence

If you are looking to replace old wooden panels between existing concrete posts, a retrofit flat-pack fencing system is the most suitable option. In this case, when buying a new garden fence, consider robust and secure steel panels that slide between fence posts and stack one on top of the other, like SmartFence, a simple yet innovative solution with beautiful finishing.

New custom fence

Depending on your garden’s structure and requirements, a custom fence would be the best fit. For example, your garden might be uneven and need different measurements. EliteFence is a custom metal fence perfect for new fence building, being available in a range of widths and heights that suit all garden shapes and sizes. 

Variety of colours

Consider buying a new garden fence that comes in various colours and allows you to choose the one that is most suited to your taste. SmartFence comes in four different colours: merlin grey, goosewing grey, olive green, and anthracite. While EliteFence offers a selection of eight colours: merlin grey, goosewing grey, olive green, and anthracite, white, moorland green, black and buttermilk cream.


When buying a new garden fence, it is crucial to make sure it is made from high-quality, durable material. Essential aspects are UV protection and a material that doesn’t rust. At EliteGarden, our solutions SmartFence and EliteFence, are incredibly durable and hard-wearing, made from steel and resistant to adverse weather conditions such as strong winds. In addition, the PVC exterior finish coat has UV protection to keep its pristine look, shape, and colour for decades.


What is your budget for buying a new garden fence? Pricing may be an issue for some people who are looking for a more cost-effective solution. The DIY Flat Pack SmartFence is the most suitable option in this case. If you have a more flexible budget and want to know more about the different garden fence options and prices, you can also contact our fencing specialists for advice and a quotation. Furthermore, our fences are guaranteed for 20 years, so if you do the maths and compare the price of buying and replacing a wooden fence every decade, well the smart choice is indeed a SmartFence or EliteFence.


Ease of installation and the professional installation services offered are essential aspects to be considered before buying a new garden fence. Both SmartFence and EliteFence are easy to install. However, if you prefer getting a professional to install the EliteFence due to the custom measurements, we have an experienced team to support you find an installer close to home.

Flat pack fence panels

Why choose EliteGarden when buying a new garden fence

Whether you are looking for a DIY garden fence or a bespoke solution, EliteGarden products cover every need and different requirements you may have. Our stylish and robust metal garden products require no maintenance and have superior durable abrasion-resistant front and back colour coating. Here are reasons why you should choose EliteGarden products when buying a new garden fence:

  • Wind resistant. Manufactured from steel, our fencing products are incredibly hard-wearing, strong, and secure.
  • Maintenance Free. No more pairing loose wind-damaged panels or replacing broken panels.
  • Never Paint again. Say goodbye to annual painting. Our products keep their crisp, pristine, sharp colour.
  • Easy Assembly. Designed in such a way that you can easily assemble the fence yourself.
  • Cost savings. How long do some fences last, especially if they are made from wooden panels? On top of that you need to consider the cost of treating the wooden and refreshing the paint at least every second year. Do the maths over 20 years and you’ll see how cost effective SmartFence and EliteFence are.

Renovate and embellish your garden with EliteGarden’s finest quality solutions and have a long-lasting, maintenance-free new garden fence. Contact us today for a quote.