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Strong Fence Panels: Durability vs. Weather Conditions

published on 2 August 2022

Our home is our favourite place, our sacred space, and every single detail we add to it is always thought of with much care. More than simply giving your garden a beautiful look, having strong fence panels capable of withstanding the different weather conditions they are subjected to is an essential part of caring for and maintaining your home. Our garden fencing experts have prepared this blog post to help you understand how the weather conditions affect the durability of fences and where you can find strong fence panels that will last longer and give you peace of mind.

How weather conditions affect fence panels

Although most fences are built to endure – the rain, snow, extreme temperatures and wind can cause damage to your garden fencing. With the unpredictability of the Irish and UK weather, ensuring your fence is ready for all sorts of meteorological conditions is essential, now more than ever with the climate changes we’re all experiencing. Here is how the weather affects fence panels:


Strong winds can cause a lot of damage. Fence posts can be torn from their base if not firmly rooted and fence panels can collapse and drag the rest down with them. For this reason, choosing strong fence panels and posts that can withstand wind is an important decision. The installation of your fence is the best time for you to prepare against future storms and recurring strong winds. Besides being smarter money-wise, investing in strong fence panels is also a way to prevent the unattractive sight of leaning fencing, which ruins any garden design.


Rain can also cause significant damage to fence panels and posts. Sometimes, depending on the fencing material, it can take time for the damage to be apparent. With the amount of rain we get in Ireland and in the UK, it is essential that you choose strong fence panels and posts that can withstand the weather and last a long time. Surprisingly, it is not the heavy rainfall that causes damage, but the fact that some types of fences cannot dry out and allow the rainwater to sit on the fences for a prolonged period, leading to mildew, mould, and rotting, the real causes of substantial damage. Wooden fences are especially vulnerable to water damage. It is critical to note that the more your fence posts are damaged, the weaker it becomes, and privacy and security issues become apparent.


Fences can become brittle and less flexible when the temperature decreases throughout the winter months. With the increased moisture during this time of the year, fences are considerably more susceptible to break. The same is true in the summer when materials can expand due to the heat. Furthermore, if your fencing is not flexible enough to accommodate expansion, it might result in warped or cracked boards.

Durability of strong fence panels

Steel fencing has replaced wrought iron as the preferred type of garden material for fencing. It’s proving to be an extremely durable and high-quality material if you are looking for strong fence panels. Although the initial cost can be higher than wood and PVC, steel fences last much longer, making them a cost-effective long-term solution. Read more about the different types of material for your garden fence.

The main advantages of steel fencing are:

  • Aesthetically robust and durable
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Can withstand harsh weather conditions and do not rot
  • Offers great protection
  • Sustainable materials thus your part in helping the environment

Although most steel fences (except our SmartFence) are not DIY due to installation requirements, their excellent durability under challenging weather conditions is worth the investment.

EliteGarden Fence Panels: Durability under any weather conditions

custom metal fencing

EliteGarden fence panels are all-in-one fencing solutions that stand the test of harsh weather and time. Designed and manufactured to the highest quality, EliteGarden strong fence panels are made from robust hard-wearing steel ensuring its stability and tenacity during high winds and adverse weather conditions. Our fence panels also come with a 20-year guarantee giving you extra peace of mind regarding their durability.

Looking for Strong Fence Panels?

Good weather can’t be promised, but strong fence panels that resist any weather conditions and last two or more decades can! Whether you are looking for a DIY flat pack fencing system like SmartFence, or bespoke fencing like EliteFence, we are the number one choice for homeowners across Ireland. Contact us and get a quote today. Alternatively, SmartFence is available nationwide so you can simply go to your nearest DIY store and pick up your SmartFence today!