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Perfect Summer Garden Ideas To Embellish Your Home

published on 9 May 2022
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With the temperatures rising, people start looking for summer garden ideas to create that unique summery atmosphere at home. Whether you are thinking about your family and kids or gathering friends, it is always exciting being able to enjoy the sunlight for long hours under pleasant weather. So, to help you prepare your garden for the summer months, our experts at EliteGarden have put together three perfect summer garden ideas to make your home more enjoyable and cosier for this season.

3 Summer Garden Ideas to Give Your Home a Summery Look

These three simple ideas should be all the inspiration you need.

1. Get started with the basic maintenance

The winter months are not very kind to gardens, usually leaving some wear and tear, such as weeds, dead leaves, and other general clutter and untidiness. As you have not spent much time in your garden for months, a great start is to have a good clear-up and get all your basic maintenance done first.

Before implementing more complex summer garden ideas you might have, it is essential to get started with basic maintenance, which may vary depending on the size and contents of your garden. For most people, the basics will entail sweeping away dead leaves and cutting back dead foliage, pulling out weeds, and cleaning up the greenhouse, shed, and any other debris. Once your basic maintenance is done, the garden will already look much better and give you the motivation to carry out many other summer garden ideas.

2. Create a comfy corner

Planning on having a relaxed afternoon and evening with your family or friends? Creating a comfy and cosy corner is certainly one of the most perfect summer garden ideas. Outdoor corner sofas can make your garden seating area larger and comfortably accommodate more people. Besides, adding colourful cushions, clever planting, and light painting and furniture can completely transform the environment giving it a very summery feel.

3. Fix posts and fences

Winter may not have been kind to your garden’s fencing, and it is in spring when you suddenly start to see the devastation caused by winter’s inactivity. Therefore, it’s essential to check whether your fence needs to be fixed or even completely replaced. Make sure you look for excellent quality fencing providers and don’t end up putting a cheap fence panel that rots or warps after just a few years. EliteGarden’s products SmartFence and EliteFence are both made of strong sturdy metal, being also weather resistant and maintenance-free and come with a 20-year guarantee. The advantage of having high-quality fencing is that no matter how many winters you go through, you will never have to worry about treating or painting it again.

A beautiful fence may be one of the most eye-catching elements of your garden and it is one of the best summer garden ideas for you to implement; it not only offers a lovely backdrop for your plantings but also frames your garden and gives you more privacy.

Implementing Your Summer Garden Ideas And Giving Your Home A Contemporary Look With EliteGarden Fences

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EliteFence is the perfect choice if you’re looking to build a new fence. We offer a variety of stylish and modern custom metal fence panels to turn your garden boundaries into a secure contemporary haven for any season of the year. You have the option to choose vertical or horizontal panel orientations with several trellis designs to finish them off in absolute style.

If you are replacing old wooden panels between existing concrete posts, SmartFence is the ideal solution. Stylish and competitively priced, this flat-packed fencing solution can be assembled by you in a matter of minutes, saving you the cost of employing a specialist tradesman.

EliteGarden solutions are made from robust hard-wearing steel ensuring its stability and tenacity during high winds and adverse weather conditions. It has a superior durable abrasion-resistant front and back colour coating. Its Galvanised steel substrate is extremely corrosion resistant, and the PVC exterior finish has UV Protection to provide the highest retention in colour. 

Implement your summer garden ideas and give your garden a makeover with EliteGarden fencing solutions.

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