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Metal Garden Fencing Ideas  

published on 19 May 2022
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Bespoke and Flatpack Metal Garden Fencing Ideas

At EliteGarden Products, we offer two maintenance-free Metal Garden fencing solutions designed to suit all our customers’ needs. Our SmartFence range offers flatpack fence panels which are ideal for those who want to replace standard wooden panels. Our EliteFence range offers custom-made fencing panels suitable for homeowners that require a bespoke solution to suit specific garden shapes and sizes. 

Flat Pack Metal Garden Fencing


As mentioned above, our SmartFence range of DIY retrofit flat-pack metal garden fencing systems is the perfect replacement for old wooden panels in your garden. They are innovative and easy to install on your own in minutes, saving you the cost of installation. Moreover, the panels are made from high-quality, durable steel, offering superior protection against adverse weather conditions such as high winds and comes with a 20-year guarantee. The modern fencing system also comes with an exterior PVC finish coating that provides UV protection meaning that the colour never fades and most importantly – you will never have to paint again! 

Benefits of Flatpack Metal Garden Fencing

SmartFence solutions were designed with the busy homeowner in mind and provide numerous benefits: 

  • Our product is made using high-quality, strong, galvanised steel that makes it long-lasting and comes with a 20-year guarantee. 
  • SmartFence is resistant to high winds and adverse weather conditions.  
  • Maintenance-free metal garden fencing system that can be self-assembled in minutes to avoid unnecessary installation costs. 
  • Stylish and competitively priced. 
  • Durable abrasion and corrosion resistant colour coating. 
  • PVC exterior coating for high colour retention. 

Wide Range of Flatpack Fencing Colours Available

The SmartFence Flatpack Metal Garden Fencing is available in four distinct colours that can complement any outdoor garden environment. Our products come with a PVC exterior plastisol coating to ensure the highest colour retention. SmartFence is maintenance-free, which means you never have to repaint it.  

Bespoke Metal Garden Fencing


EliteFence is a DIY friendly, bespoke metal garden fencing solution perfect for new fence builds, suitable for all garden sizes. Available in various dimensions and sizes, homeowners can choose from a range of panel widths, heights, colours, and sizes depending on their personal preferences and requirements. Our bespoke solutions are made to measure and can easily be assembled independently or by a professional. They are made from robust and hard-wearing steel and come with a 20-year guarantee. EliteFence also comes with an extra PVC finish which withstands all weather conditions, protecting against corrosion and rust while keeping the colour intact. 

Benefits of Bespoke Metal Garden Fencing

The EliteFence range of bespoke fencing panels is ideal for homeowners who require a custom-made product to perfectly fit their garden perimeter. Below are key reasons why homeowners should choose EliteFence’s Bespoke Metal Garden Fences:  

  • EliteFence panels are made from robust hard-wearing steel, ensuring stability, tenacity, and come with a 20-year guarantee. 
  • EliteFence is resistant to high winds and adverse weather conditions.  
  • Wide range of stylish and modern custom metal panels to suit all tastes, preferences, and needs. 
  • Maintenance-free metal garden fencing system meaning that you never have to treat or paint a fence again! 
  • Durable abrasion and corrosion resistant front and back colour coating. 
  • PVC exterior coating to provide UV protection and the highest colour retention 

Wide Range of Bespoke Fencing Colours Available

EliteFence is available in several distinct contemporary colours, such as Olive Green, Merlin Grey and Buttermilk Cream, that can transform any garden into an elite, modern, secure, maintenance-free outdoor space. Our products come with a PVC exterior plastisol coating to ensure the highest colour retention, so you never have to paint again. 

Whether your goal is to upgrade your existing garden fencing or build a durable custom-made metal garden fencing system, EliteGarden Products is here to help. Made in Ireland, our EliteFence & SmartFence range of metal garden fencing products are the number one choice for homeowners looking to transform their garden space into a modern, stylish, secure, and maintenance-free haven.  

SmartFence can be purchased in more than 80 DIY stores across Ireland – see list of stockists here. EliteFence is made to order once we receive your garden dimensions. Get in touch today to know more about our metal garden fencing systems.