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Innovative Fence Post Brackets that don’t Interfere with your Neighbours

published on 7 June 2022
HAI Innovation Awards - Best Garden Product - Elite Garden

Picture a scenario where all you want is a great looking fence instead of a rotting wooden one without the fence post brackets interfering with your neighbour. Or maybe you’ve just moved into your new home in a housing estate and learn that you own only one boundary fence, the other one belongs to your neighbour…

We have some good news for you! With the SmartFence post brackets, Surface Facing Bracket, you don’t have to consider your neighbour anymore or ask for their permission when installing a SmartFence. This is because our innovative fence post brackets are exclusively designed to work with SmartFence panels, being easy and quick to install, and made from high-quality, strong and resistant steel.

What Problems Do SmartFence Post Brackets Solve?

Reaching an agreement with your neighbours about a fence can be stressful, which is why so many people prefer keeping their old wooden fence even though they are not happy with it. Thinking of how inconvenient and uncomfortable situations like this can be, we have designed our innovative fence post brackets that allow you to fence both sides of your garden without interfering with your closest neighbours.

SmartFence post brackets give you complete independence when choosing your fence as they can be used to mount the SmartFence panels on one side without removing the old wooden panels on your neighbours side. Besides, they can also be used to clad a wall or unsightly garden shed. And the best part is that our fence post brackets are simple and easy to install when compared to traditional fence brackets. So, there is no excuse for having a rotting wooden fence anymore!

What Colours are the Brackets Available In?

Whether you are searching for a brighter or darker look, SmartFence post brackets are available in a variety of colours that will certainly suit your taste. Its PVC exterior finish coat has UV protection, which means that the colour will remain for decades with the same pristine look.
As our fence post brackets are made for SmartFence panels, the colours available match the ones available for the panels:

  • Merlin Grey
  • Goosewing Grey
  • Olive Green
  • Anthracite

Why are Fence Post Brackets Important?

There are many aspects that make fence post brackets an important part of your fence project. The first and most important one is to keep the structural integrity of your fence, reinforcing it to ensure stability in all weather conditions.

Another important aspect is that fence post brackets keep the panels connected securely, which also ensures the fence lasts. Finally, from an aesthetic standpoint, fence post brackets have a clean and tapered finish, giving your fence a more stylish look.

So, no matter how windy or rainy the weather is, you won’t have to worry about your fence’s structure falling apart, having to replace it, or looking unfinished.

Award-Winning Surface Facing Brackets

We are delighted that our latest SmartFence garden product, Surface Facing Brackets, has been ‘Highly Commended’ by the judging panel of The Hardware Show Innovation Awards 2022 in the category ‘Best Garden Product’. We know that our fence post brackets are high-quality innovative products in garden solutions, but it’s always exciting and rewarding to be acknowledged by experts in the field.
Winning this award means that we’ve reached our goal to provide our clients with a best-in-class solution, giving us even more motivation to keep striving to innovate and design problem-solving products like our Surface Facing Brackets.

About the SmartFence Brand

The SmartFence brand has recently merged with our other product brand, EliteFence, and relaunched as part of our new garden product brand ‘EliteGarden Products’. SmartFence is EliteGarden Product’s stylish and durable DIY flat packed fencing solution. The SmartFence solution contains all our flatpack, off the shelf, standard sized products that are as simple as they are innovative.

Competitively priced, SmartFence products can be assembled by you in a matter of minutes and eliminates the need to hire a specialist tradesman, saving your money for other investments you wish to make in your garden. With SmartFence, we deliver a complete but easy to install solution, and our Surface Facing Brackets are an essential part of making sure your flat packed fence is stable and with a clean finish.

Whether you are looking for a solution that allows you to improve your garden without interfering with your closest neighbours, or just looking for insights for a complete makeover in your garden, SmartFence may be perfect for you! SmartFence is available in DIY stores across Ireland, go here to find a stockist near you.