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The Ultimate Wind Test: How the SmartFence Panel Passed with Flying Colors 

published on 23 January 2023
Ultimate Wind Testing

Durable Steel Fence Panels 

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving manufacturing industry, it’s essential to have products that can withstand the test of time and the elements. That’s why Elitegarden Products has put its SmartFence Panels through rigorous wind testing to ensure their structural integrity and mechanical performance. The SmartFence Panel is constructed using high-quality, strong and durable steel fence panels, making them resistant to high winds and adverse weather conditions. These stringent tests have proved that the SmartFence Panel can withstand the forces of nature, providing customers with the assurance that it is a reliable and durable product. 

SmartFence Wind Testing Performance  

On September 8, 2022, BET (an accredited testing laboratory to ISO 17025) conducted dynamic wind tests on our SmartFence product; a steel fence panel for your garden fence. The approach taken by BET for the dynamic wind testing was based upon principles within BS 1794, a mechanical performance standard for “road traffic noise reducing devices”. BET implemented thorough quality management procedures in accordance with ISO: 17025. However, this testing was outside of our scope of accreditation due to the specific bespoke requirements of the same. 

BET was provided with an EliteGarden SmartFence Panel for testing. The sample was subjected to a dynamic wind load test with BET’s aero engine (wind generator). The test method for the dynamic wind load test was based upon principles within BS 1794, with a breakdown of the test procedure described below: 

  1. The fence panel system was securely fixed to a concrete platform in its usual upright position. 
  1. The wind generator was mounted adjacent to the test sample and used to create the equivalent load on the fence panel system surface. This distance for the test was measured at 1.90 m. (Refer to image for test set up with fence panel and aero engine). 
Wind wheel for wind load test
  1. Five transducers were placed at different locations on the opposite face of the fence panel to measure the deflections throughout the test and the residuals post testing. These locations are shown in image 2 (one each at the top and bottom of fence posts and an additional in the centre of sample).
Smartfence Panel for ultimate wind testing
  1. The wind speed steps were to be increased at intervals pre-determined to match with the static load test mass equivalents. This was to be increased increments until 50 m/s has been reached or failure of the test sample. Wind measurements were recorded via the use of an anemometer. 
  1. The deflections at each pressure step shall be recorded from behind the fence panel system. 
  1. Once the wind generator has been stopped the residual deflections will be measured post-test. 


The results of the dynamic wind testing have shown that the Elitegarden Products Smart Fence Panel (6ft) has the ability to withstand the equivalent load of a wind generator at a distance of 1.90m. It has also been determined that the steel fence panel can maintain its structural integrity with minimal deflection and residuals post testing. 

This information is important as it provides our customers with the assurance that EliteGarden Products SmartFence Panel (6ft) is a reliable and durable product that can withstand real-world conditions. It also demonstrates our commitment to quality and safety, which are essential factors for businesses in the manufacturing industry.  

Wind Tested Steel Fence Panels from EliteGarden Products 

In conclusion, the SmartFence Panel has passed dynamic wind testing with flying colors, making it an excellent choice for house owners that require a high-performance and reliable garden fence. This test gives our fence owners peace of mind that even with strong gale force winds in Ireland, your SmartFence panels will stay standing. 

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