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Decorative Garden Fencing Ideas to Ensure Beautiful Boundaries

published on 16 August 2022
decorative garden fencing

Decorative garden fencing can transform your fence into a stunning garden feature and make it more than just practicality or privacy. The best decorative garden fence ideas can bring joy, definition and structure to your outdoor space.

Decorative garden fencing ideas may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering a garden makeover, but they may go a long way toward giving yours a facelift. Knowing your alternatives will make the process easier, and based on your garden landscape, you will know if you need to start from scratch or simply give your current fencing a fresh look.

Here Are 4 Great Decorative Garden Fencing Ideas

We have rounded up four great decorative garden fencing ideas to inspire you and get you started, whether it’s just a fresh colour or completely replacing your old fence.

Go for a bold black fence

Although black may appear to be a bold option for garden fencing, it can actually make the foliage surrounding appear greener. Fresh green tones against the dark fence will give it a contemporary look and make your greenery stand out even more. You can also give it a final touch by stringing fairy lights along the top, providing a pleasant cosy glow at night. You can find a variety of colours, including a stunning black shade, on EliteFence our bespoke fencing.

Camouflage in green

Is black too bold for you? If you want your garden fence to blend in with the rest of the decoration, green can be a great option. These garden fences blend in with the vegetation thanks to a soothing shade of green, and you can always add colours to your garden by adding a string of ornamental bunting and cheerful striped patio furniture. Both EliteFence and SmartFence have beautiful shades of green that will give this camouflage effect.

Add a trellis

Another great decorative garden fencing idea is to replace the top panel of your fence with a decorative trellis which will to soften and change the look of your fence. Both SmartFence and EliteFence offer a few trellis design options such as a slots or diamonds. A garden trellis can also be a useful spot to train climbing plants and provide privacy without blocking the sunlight and brightening up your garden. You can also use the gaps in the trellis to hang signs and other decorations that will give a personalised look to your garden.

Create a secluded space with high-privacy fencing

You can create a secluded space with extra-high garden fence and panels that are placed very close to each other, which will give your garden all the seclusion you’ll ever need, especially if you have nosy neighbours!

How to Implement these Decorative Garden Fencing Ideas?

A new colour, being either black or green, can effectively revitalise an existing garden fence and give you more flexibility when changing the decoration according to the seasons as colour trends change or creating a secluded space. But it all starts with a strong, durable fence that won’t be affected by the weather conditions, allowing you to focus on the details of your garden. Read more about garden fencing durability in different weather conditions..

After ensuring you have great quality fencing, it will become easier to put in place all the decorative garden fencing ideas we have listed here and others that you no doubt have in mind.

Looking to Improve your Garden Fencing?

Looking to give your garden a modern, stylish look with a fence that is maintenance-free? Contact us and get a quote today. SmartFence is also available nationwide so you can simply go to your nearest DIY store and pick up your SmartFence today!